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Introducing the December Customs WAR Belts! This, quite possibly, is the stiffest belt system you will find. Think of it as a love child between a competition 3 gun belt and the molle belts we’ve all come to love. these are hand crafted two piece battle/war belt systems, consisting of a 1.5 inch inner belt that mates to a 1.75 outer belt. But you get both in one set! No need to go out and buy a different inner belt because the one that comes with the December Customs WAR Belt will fit your everyday pants belt loops!! All materials are made in the U.S. and all milspec rated, all but the Austrialpin cobra buckle, but that’s the gold standard and we aren’t willing to compromise.

Let’s start with the inner belt, It is a single layer of 1.5 inch webbing with a sewn in Tegris stiffener and 3M loop Velcro encompassing the entire belt. There is also a looploc sewn into one end that truly aids in donning the belt, and making adjustments to the inner belt easier throughout the day. No more fumbling with two loose layers of webbing.

Now for the piece de resistance! Our outer belt is truly a work of art! Is it the lightest on the market? NO! But is it one of the sturdiest and quite possibly one of the most comfortable, even loaded down with a full kit? YOU BET! It is built with the same Tegris stiffener sandwiched between two layers of 1.75 inch heavy duty belt webbing material, making it extremely rigid. But why so rigid you ask? The stiffness in the belt system helps distribute the weight of a loaded kit more evenly around the waist. This means no more belt sagging, or mag pouches twisting when you try to draw a mag. The molle/pals webbing is made from 1 inch 55301 webbing and doubled over to create a thick, sturdy attachment point for your mag pouches, TQ holders, holsters, you name it. Of course they are spaced evenly, and appropriately around each belt to maximise the amount of slots available for the size ordered. The outer belt is also lined on the inside with 1.5 inch wide 3M hook Velcro that mates with the inner belt creating a solid match up that will not move, slide up, or shift on you while running, jumping or maneuvering in all the weird ways we do on the range or battlefield. We’ve even had these belts tested out while rolling in BJJ.

each belt system will come with a 1.5 inch inner belt, a 1.75 inch outer Molley/pals belt, and a Velcro one-wrap keeper for the excess webbing. Yes that right! VELCRO! Your not adjusting your belt tightness in a gun fight, who cares about a little noise? And if you are adjusting it in a gun fight, well its a gun fight! Nobody’s paying attention to your Velcro over the gun shots. But why Velcro? The Velcro one-wrap is infinitely adjustable and will not loose its stretch like elastic will, and I have a slight hatred for elastic for this reason. The webbing keeper will come with an H&K style clip for you to attach gloves or anything else you might need to clip on to them, and there is also a small loop of Elastic (I know I know, even though I hate it there are still some uses) on the back side for holding a sharpie.

WAR Belt

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  • When ordering, please place the order for your pants size. If you size up one size for a CCW make sure to order the right size. For example if you wear a size 34 pants but size up to a 36 for your ccw make sure to order a size 34 or there is a chance it may not fit properly.

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